The Murder Mystery Company

Welcome to The Murder Mystery Company of Nashville, come let us entertain you! Whether you want to be the murderer or the victim, there’s a chance for both if you call and book tickets to our interactive dinner theater show! Come join us for delicious food and a mystery at The Old Spaghetti Factory of Nashville. Perfect for a unique date night, an interactive office party, or even dinner with the in-laws (we’ve all wanted to murder them at some point, right?). The Murder Mystery Company has something for everyone, whether it’s playing a part, watching and laughing, or working to solve the crime with Detective Ness! We have something for any venue; be it home, corporate, or at a yummy local restaurant. The theme changes, why not try to ‘collect them all’ and visit more than once?

There are so many mysteries here in Nashville, you’ve got to try solving them all! And it’s not just right here, but also in the Brentwood, Bellevue, and Madison areas! Look up a Murder Mystery Show for a unique date night out, a night on the town with family or friends, or just an exciting night of dinner theater! Feel free to dress according to the theme and REALLY get into character! Book tickets for an evening of interactive food and fun with friends, family, a date, coworkers, or even someone you’ve never met before. It’s always an adventure when you’re solving  a crime!


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